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  1230 Enterprise-Osteen Road, Enterprise FL 32725  
  Tel# 386 575-0423 cell# 407 314-6825  
  E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  Website:   www.philreillydaylilies.com  
  Nursery Registration # 47236511  
SF JIM REILLY MEMORIAL 28" EM Sev  5.5" 17 buds Pale parchment with extensive pattern in eyezone of a deeper red. 100.00
SF BORDERS ON BOLD  32" M Sev 6" 18 buds   Burnished bronze with a bold almost blak eyezone and border 125.00
SF SAN REMO  28" M Sev 6.5" 16 buds     Lavander purple self deep green throat and white tipped sepals 100.00
SF CHINESE MANDARIN  29" EM Sev  6" 12 buds    Pale lemon yellow with large red eyezone graduated to a green throat 100.00
SF HYPERDRIVE  29" M  Sev 6.5"  18 buds   Deep fuschia pink edging & eyezone on a light pinky background  green throat 125.00
SF HURRICANE WATCH  28: E  Sev  6"  22 buds   Brilliant orange with mahogany eyezone and border 125.00
SF ECLIPSE OF THE SUN 28" EM Sev 6.5" 14 buds  Chrome yellow with deep green throat 100.00
SF COMMONWEALTH AVENUE 30" EM Sev 6" 18 buds  Lilac blue eyezone/band of darker pink pale lav back./green throat 100.00
SF SOUTHERN AURORA  28" M  Sev 6" 20 buds Deep saturated red edging and eye pale yellow base and green throat 100.00
DBL AMERICAN LEGEND 33" EM Sev  7"  29 buds     Bright golden yellow with small green throat 75.00
DBL AZZURO    23" EM Re Sev 5.25" Pale yllow w/very pale ghostly blue eye above wide letttuce green throat 50.00
DBL BLUE MONDAY 30" E Sev 3" 30 buds Intense blue eye surrounded by a magenta ring on a cream yellow background 75.00
DBL BOUNTIFUL BLUE HARVEST 30" M Re Sev 4.5" 28 buds Pale  blue magenta eyezone on a clear ivory background 65.00
DBL BREEZE AT DAWN  23" EM Re Sev 5" Pale lilac lav with graduated blue eye & edge w/gold picotee above green throat sold out
SF CAESAR AUGUSTUS  27" Mla Re Sev 5.5" Pale cream w/indigo arrowhead shaped eye midribv & edge above celery throat sold out
DBL CAPTAIN MARVEL 28" EM Re 5.5" Solid blue eyezone on a rich magenta background 55.00
DBL CARL HARMON 26" EWM Re Sev 6" Pale parchment w/deep purple eye & picotee edge above deep gtreen throat 45.00
DBL CELTIC THUNDER 27" M Re Sev 6.5" Brilliant strong yellow with very green edging 55.00
DBL COCONUT CREAM 30" EM Re Sev 7" Very light cream with yellow highlights 55.00
DBL EVERLASTING BLUE 29" EM 3.25" Sev   Bright blue eyezone and deep magenta ring on yellow cream background 75.00
DBL GLORIOUS SUNRISE 29.5" EM Sev 6.5" 20 buds Creamy orange with deeper picotee edging all segments 65.00
DBL GRETCHEN BAXTER    29" EM Re Sev 6" Pale pink w/rose red ruffled gold edge above green throat 30.00
DBL GWENDOLYN ROSE  26" EM Re Sev 6" Bright Pink w/gold ruffled edge above lettuce green throat 30.00
DBL HARLEQUIN ROMANCE  30" EM Sev 6" 26 buds Bright wine colored eye and edge on a vanilla bloom sold out
DBL IRISH ANCESTRY 29" M Re Sev Bright yellow with deep green throat  35.00
DBL JITTERBUG BLUES 24" E Rew Sev 4.75 Pale lilac pink w/pale denim blue eye & edge above green throat 25.00
DBL KARIN COOKE   21" EM Re Sev 5.75  Pale lilac pink blend w/sm gold edge above medium green throat 20.00
DBL KING OF SIAM 25" EM Re Sev 5.25" Blue rose with darker eye above deep green throat 50.00
DBL LEGEND OF ZORRO 30" M Re Sev 5.75" Deep red lav. w/bright gold edge above a sm green throat 30.00
DBL MAGELLAN'S JOURNEY 27" M Re Sev Pink w/deep eyezone & white edge above a sm yellow to a green throat 40.00
DBL MARATHON KEY 33" M Sev 7"  32 buds Bright pink with deeper eyezone and gold edging 65.00
DBL MARISA'S KISSES 30' Em Re Sev 6" bright calypso pink with ruffled gold edge sold out
DBL MARVELOUS MADNESS 29' EM Re Sev 5.25"  Deep blood red w/deeper black red edge above  luminous green throat 25.00
DBL MEMORIES OF SARATOGA 26" EM Re Sev 5.5" 20buds Cantaloupe melon self above green throat  15.00
DBL MERCHANT OF VENICE 30" EM Re Sev 5.75" Brilliant pale yellow w/highly ruffled glod green edge above green throat 20.00
DBL MINT MARK 23" E Re Sev 5" Greenish yellow w/brilliant neon green edge above green throat 25.00
DBL PAINTED INDIAN 25" EM Re Sev 6" Deep port wine eyezone and edge on a flesh colored background 60.00
DBL PATRIOT'S DAY 36" M  SEV 7.5"  30 buds  Bright red with whiteish picotee 100.00
DBL ROCKETSHIP ROMANCE 35" M Sev 6.5" 19 buds   Bright golden yellow self 75.00
DBL RUM RAISIN PUDDING 25.5" EM  Sev 5.5" 18 buds Wine colored picotee and eye on an icy vanilla bloom sold out
DBL SIMBAD VOYAGE 27" EM Re Sev 6.5" Brilliant crimson eyezone and edge on a pinkish background                           sold out
DBL SIXTH DIMENSION 28" M Sev 6.5"  Lovely lavander eye and picotee on a parchment base 65.00
DBL SPANISH CONQUEST 29" EM Re Sev 5.25" Bright pink w/gold ruffled edge above green throat 20.00
DBL SUNDAY RIVER 28" EM Re Sev 5.75"  Pink w/red eye & picotee edge above green throat 30.00
DBL SWEETHEART BLUE 26" EM Re Sev  Soft blue eyezone and edge on a near white background                 sold out
DBL TUSCAN WARRIOR 28" Mla Re Sev 5"Red w/deep royal blue eyezone w/royal blue/gold edge above brilliant green throat 55.00
DBL WELLFLEET 31" E Re 6" Pale lav.w/metallic white blend halo above light green throat 25.00
DBL WINTER VALKYRIE  40" EM Re Dormant 7" Near white self above very large green throat  25.00
DBL ACROSS THE GALAXY (Trimmer) Tet 32' EM Re Ev 6 1/4" large very ruffled Ivory peach self 25.00
DBL ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (Trimmer) Tet 25" EM Re Ev 6 1/2" Ruffled Ivory Blushed Pink 20.00
DBL BARNEY (Benz ) 34' 6" M Re dormant very fragrant 25 buds purple self above green throat  15.00
DBL BIG EYED BUTTERFLY  (Stamile ) 28" 4.25" EM Ev 35buds cream w/navy blue eye above green throat 25.00
DBL BLUEBIRD BUTTERFLY (Stamile)  28" 4" Mla Re Ev 40 buds cream w/blue eye and fuchsia outer blue edge  25.00
DBL BLUEBERRIES AND CREAM  (Bell) 33" 5.5" M Re Ev tet fragrant 28 buds ivory w/blueberry purpleeye & edge above green throat 15.00
DBL BLUEGRASS MUSIC (Grace-Smith) 28" 4" Em Sev Tet 26 buds Cream w/ Lavander blue eye and edge above green throat  30.00
DBL CALIFORNIA KID (Trimmer) Tet 30" E Re Ev 7 1/4 Pale yellow Ivory 20.00
DBL COSMIC TRAVELER  (Trimmer) 25" 5.25 EM Ev 20 buds rose lavander w/darker eye above green throat 15.00
DBL DAKAR (Stamile) 30" 5.25" M Re Ev Tet 30 buds Black purple violet blend with green throat 25.00
DBL FRANTIC   not on AHS database!! 20.00
DBL GIANT PANDA  (Stamile) 26" 6" E Re EV fragrant 21 bus cream with plum violet eye and edge above green throat 25.00
DBL GOING GREEN (Stamile-Pierce) tet 27"Em Re Ev Green with green edge 40.00
DBL HAGRID (Petit) 30" 8" M Re Sev Tet 30 buds Lavander with lighter waatermark and gold edge 30.00
DBL HELIOTROPE ISLAND (Morss) 30" 5" M Ev Tet 30 buds Amethyst with heliotropepurple eye and edge above yellow to  green throat 35.00
DBL HEMAN (Gossard) 35" 9" ML Re dormant tet 22 buds UF orange red blend bitone w/gold yellow tooth edge above yellow green throat 30.00
DBL HOLIDAY CHARMER Salter) 26' 6" M Re Sev Tet 30 buds Rose red with ivory white ruffles above green throat 15.00
DBL ICECREAM EMPEROR (Trimmer) Tet 25" EM Rev Ev 5 1/2 circular ruffled pale ivory self 15.00
DBL KEYS TO THE KINGDOM (Hansen) 28" 5.5" EM Re Ev 22 buds pink yellow cream poly w/yellow edge above yellow green throat 25.00
DBL KEY TO TREASURES (Carpenter) 24" 6" EM Re Ev fragrant 30 buds pink w/red eyeand edge above green throat 50.00
DBL LARRY'S OBSESSION (Petit) 32" 6" M Re Sev Tet 20 buds Black purple with white tooth edge above green throat 30.00
DBL LINDA SIERRA  (Peat)27" 5.25 EM Re Sev Tet 24 buds Lavander w/sky blue eye and sky blue wire gold edge above green throat 20.00
DBL ORANGE CITY (Trimmer) tet 28" EM Re Ev 4 3/4 orange with bold red eye 20.00
DBL PASSION IN PARIS (Petit) 24" 5" Em Re Sev tet red w/lighter watermark abovr green throat 15.00
DBL PINK ALOHA (Buntyn) 30" 6.25" Em Re Sev tet fragrant 24 buds bright clear pink above emerald green throat 40.00
DBL RWODY RED (Stamile) 30" 5" EM Ev 30 buds red with darker eye and edge 20.00
DBL SCOTT BENNETT (Morss) 28" 6.5" EM Re Ev apricot w/triplebanded eye of red violet  purple above apricot to green throat 15.00
DBL SENSE OF WONDER (Trimmer) Tet 24"  E Re Ev 5 1/2 Almond Pink w/ Rouge eye/edge  25.00
DBL SHAMROCK SPRING (Trimmer) Tet 25" E Re Ev 7" Huge lavander w/gold edge 30.00
DBL SKY ISLAND (Lambertson) 24" 6" Em Re Sev Tet 20 buds Cream Lavander w/misty blue eye and edge w/cream  trim above green throat 35.00
DBL SNOW CRYSTAL  (Stamile) 30" 5.5" E Re Ev 55 buds near white with gold edge above green throat 35.00
DBL SOUTHERN WIND (Stamile) 28" 6" Em Re Sev Tet fragrant 35 buds lavander pink w/yellow watermark gold edge w/ green throat 15.00
DBL STELLAR MASQUERADE (Miner)  28"  4.5" M Ev tet 20 buds ivory w/chevron eye and burgundy black edge 35.00
DBL TALLADEGA (Stamile) 29" E Re Sev 5 3/4 Rose red fading to pink  55.00
DBL TET BLUE OASIS (Salter) 20" 3.5' EM Rev Ev Dip 35 buds Cream white w/large round blue violet eye above yellow green throat 50.00
DBL TET CONNIE BURTON (Wilson/Stamile) 35.00
DBL TET LAVANDER BLUE BABY  (Carpenter -J 1996) 40.00
DBL THE HULK (Stamile) 29" 7.25" M Re Ev Tet 20 buds Pink self above green throat 35.00
DBL TROPICAL HOT FLASH (Trimmer) 30" 6" M Ev Tet 30 buds Pale melon self above green trhoat 30.00
DBL VIOLET BECOMES YOU (Stamile) 31" 6.5" Em Re Ev Tet violet w/gold edge above green throat 30.00
DBL WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE KING (Carpenter) 24" 6.5" M Re Ev tet fragrant royal purple w/lavander watermark above green throat 40.00
DBL WONDER OF IT ALL (Carr) 27"  5.75 Cream with ruffled gold edge 20.00
DBL XYLOPHONE JAZZ (Stamile-Pierce) 85.00
DBL ZAHADOOM  (Stamile) 25.00


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